Ron Viejo De Caldas

Ron Viejo De Calidas 3 Year Anejo


Established in 1928 Ron Viejo De Caldas is imported from Columbia by Industria Licorera De Caldas. Researching the rum, very little can be found about production other than that it is distilled from molasses. Once distilled the rum is aged in barrels made from white Columbian oak in a barrel house located 2.200 feet above sea level. Appearance The rum is packaged in a squat 750 ml bottle and sealed with a plastic cap. The front and back labels provide the minimum information required by law. The rum in the bottle and glass holds a solid gold amber color. Swirling the liquid creates a thick band that quickly spins off equally thick fast moving legs. This band beads up and forms legs that drop into the glass a few times before finally leaving a ring of residue around the glass. Nose The aroma of the rum delivers notes of sweet caramel, ripe banana, and charred wood. Palate The first sip of the rum is buttery caramel forward, immediately followed by the banana notes from the aroma. Additional sips introduce sweet butterscotch, smoke, with charred and raw oak tannins that envelop the tongue leading to a mineral rich, lightly dry, and alcohol laden finish that just seems to go flat and run out of steam.

Product Size Chart

  • Size: 750ml
  • Country: Colombia
  • Region: Caldas