Five Towns Wine & Liquor



KJ Avant Chardonnay: A luscious white wine with hints of ripe pear and tropical fruits, balanced by crisp acidity. Perfect for pairing with seafood or enjoying on its own.

KJ Avant Chardonnay: This delightful wine welcomes with aromas of apple and lemon zest, leading to a medium-bodied palate with flavors of pineapple and vanilla. Enjoy this versatile Chardonnay with grilled chicken or creamy pasta dishes.

KJ Avant Chardonnay: A smooth and elegant white wine boasting flavors of peach, citrus, and toasted oak. Sip on its own or pair with poultry or creamy cheeses. A delightful choice for any occasion.

KJ Avant Chardonnay: With its vibrant yellow color and aromas of tropical fruits, this Chardonnay offers a rich and creamy palate with notes of vanilla and oak. Indulge in this well-balanced and refreshing wine with grilled seafood or roasted chicken.