High West

High West American Single Malt Whiskey High Country Limited Supply


High West has produced its blended malt whiskey brand, High Country, for a number of years, but it’s refocusing on the brand in 2022 with a new version that omits the peated portion that has previously been part of the blend. With the peated portion removed, the current version instead features a portion of the final blend aged in Oloroso sherry barrels. On the nose, this one is fairly fresh and grainy, with generous amounts of sweet malt, honey, a little anise and a little cocoa, along with fruit impressions of peach or apricot. On the palate, this dram is sweet and nutty, with notes of granola, sweet barley tea/beer wort, and lingering hazelnut chocolate.

Product Size Chart

  • Size: 750ml
  • Country: United States
  • State: Utah
  • Region: Ulta