Tequila Ocho

Tequila Ocho Tequila anejo Widow Jane Barrel Select


Tequila Ocho Añejo Barrel Select Widow Jane Limited Edition 750ml

This extraordinary expression of Ocho Añejo marries the finest agave-forward tequila with the heady aromas, rich caramel and baking-spice notes from these old barrels from Widow Jane, transported from Brooklyn to Arandas. The enhanced 96 proof adds a further dash of intensity. The collaboration between makers from two very different parts of the world means an expression of tequila that shines brightest in its profile of agave, yet framed up beautifully by the specifically-chosen bourbon barrels, making for a true Ocho sipping experience.Every year the Master Distiller selects the ripest agave from a Single Estate to make Tequila Ocho – adding a unique vintage nuance to the world’s finest sipping tequila. This expression features agaves harvested from rancho El Nacimiento, distilled in 2022 for release in 2023, after spending 1 year in barrels.Ocho master distiller is legendary Carlos Camarena, a 3rd generation distiller & 5th generation farmer. Ocho’s other founding partner is the late Tomas Estes, a beloved figure in the hospitality and tequila industries, having been appointed the Tequila Ambassador to Europe by the CNIT. The Estes legacy lives on in this special release, as his son Jesse pens the back label description.