Bacardi Cocktails Variety


1. Bacardi Superior Rum: This smooth and mellow white rum boasts flavors of vanilla and almond, making it a perfect base for classic cocktail recipes like the Mojito or Piña Colada.

2. Bacardi Gold Rum: Aged in oak barrels for a rich and bold flavor, this golden rum offers notes of caramel and tropical fruits. It is ideal for creating elegant and sophisticated cocktails such as the Mai Tai or Cuba Libre.

3. Bacardi Limón: Infused with the refreshing taste of lemon, this citrusy rum is perfect for creating vibrant cocktails like the Bacardi Limonade or the classic Rum Sour.

4. Bacardi Raspberry: Bursting with the flavor of sun-ripened raspberries, this fruity rum adds a delightful twist to cocktails. Enjoy it in a Raspberry Mojito or a Raspberry Daiquiri for a tropical escape.

5. Bacardi Dragon Berry: Combining the tastes of dragonfruit and strawberry, this unique rum is perfect for creating exotic and fruity cocktails such as the Dragon Berry Mojito or a Dragon Berry Colada.

6. Bacardi Coconut: Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with the luscious taste of Bacardi Coconut. Pair it with pineapple juice for a refreshing Piña Colada or mix it with cranberry juice for a tantalizing Coco Berry Cosmo.

7. Bacardi Oakheart: With a smooth and rich flavor profile featuring hints of caramel and spice, this spiced rum adds depth to cocktails like a classic Old Fashioned or a Rum Punch.

8. Bacardi 8 Años: Aged for a minimum of 8 years, this premium rum boasts a complex flavor profile with notes of vanilla, oak, and dried fruits. Sip it neat or use it as a base for sophisticated cocktails like an Anejo Highball or an Old Cuban.